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Books and dvds that contain or focus on wing chuns second form, chum kiu or the searching bridge. Udemy wing chun chum kiu m2 self defence books pics. Wing chun muk jong wooden dummy beginners training drill developing one technique duration. Related chum kiu products traditional wing chun dvd. Chum kiu is the intermediate set of wing tsun kungfu, which should normally be learnt after the siunimtau set.

I found more details in the wing chun compendium vol. Sifu jason korol breaks down the final part of chum kiu and gives practical. If youve ever struggled to learn wing chun in the past, it couldnt be simpler or easier with this wing chun training series from sifu chuck oneill. Chum kiu is, in reality, far more advanced and complex than siu nim tao, primarily because it incorporates siu nim tao and then comprehensively adds to it. Wing chun the fighting techniquesbooks english edition the wing chun it is a traditional style of the chinese kung fu. Wing chun kung fu closing the gap with chum kiu home. Wing chun formschum kiu wikibooks, open books for an open.

Wing chun series vol 3 chum kiu the combat bridge this third video in a series of videos presented by the ving tsun museum on the yip man system, builds on the two previous tapes, bringing you into the intermediate level of training. Wing tsun chumkiu bridgeseeking form by leung ting bok. The wing chun is very popular in the whole world thanks to its hight efficiency application techniques. The three hand sets are shown in detail, along with the application of the key. Chum kiu finding means bridging the gap and then seeking the bridge in other words making contact with some part of the opponents body. Seek the bridge has the additional notes, context, and chinese maxims that audiences have come to expect from the companion book series. This color poster illustrate the wing chun chum kiu hand form. Wing chun kung fus second form, chum kiu builds on the base of knowledge learned in the first form and teaches the practitioner how to use these skills under different conditions ie. Chumkiubridgeseeking form is the intermediate form of wing tsun system. You learn to train your hands to move independently and also coordination while you shift and step in different directions. Grandmaster samuel kwok has been studying wing chun since 1967. Sifu alex richter is a columnist for wing chun illustrated and cohost of the cult podcast, dudes. It demonstrates moving to an opponent, turning to face an opponent, and kicking. Other insights were on facing or dui ying, fa jing, translation of the vtaa code of conduct, ip mans written history or ving tsun and sifu kwoks personal photo album.

The video has all the empty hand forms, as performed by sam kwok, along with a lot of bonus footage. Chum kiu 2nd form and applications chi sau techniques bong lop drills defense against grabs and chi gung exercises. Master wong chum kiu 2 self defence internet archive. Footwork blocks siu lim tao 1st form applications takedowns hand techniques and drills. There is also the extremely famous wing chun wooden dummy mook yan jong, and the wing chun weapons forms for the butterfly swords bart jaam do and long pole luk dim boon kwan, or dragon pole. Chum kiu building the bridge in wing chun rolling hands. Details about wing chun kung fu martial arts home dvd course year 1 and 2. In this book, the keys to the ip man wing chun kung fu system are explained. The following are images that have the tag chum kiu in them. Chum kiu is to utilize the body weight of a person as the source of energy and combining the moves of siu nim tau to create a skill that can apply force in different directions. Learn wing tsun siu lim tao, chum kiu and biu jee authentic ving tsun kung fu forms. The chum kiu forms predominant emphasis is on moving the body, stepping, pivoting and finding the centre of mass. This is a great video for those that want to learn the chum kiu form in an easy, stepbystep format.

Chum kiu form and applications international wing chun academy. Full color pictures of the three hand forms of wing chun siu lim tao, chum kiu, biu gee. Wing chuns 2nd form is the intermediate set learned after students have mastered the siu nim tao form translated as seeking the bridge or sinking the bridge in some circles the ck form builds on the snt with the addition of. The defending techniques in it are all rely on deflecting force. When stepping, it is important that the whole body move as one coordinated unit. These techniques mainly focus on bridging the gap between you and your opponent. Kw an sao cycle from the 2nd section of chum kiu with oy seen w ait oe ma step. Wing tsun chumkiu bridgeseeking form by leung ting. The main emptyhand forms inwing chun are sil lum tao little idea form, chum kiu searching bridge, and biu jee shooting fingers. Chum kiu wing chun books and dvds everything wing chun.

In the sil nim tao video parts one and two, sifu meng taught us the fundamentals of the wing chun system in order to establish a solid foundation and understanding in the basic concepts and techniques. The focus is on the proper maintenance of the bodys central axis and its motions, which helps with the development of wing chun power and the foundations of delivering that power. Master chu presents a discussion and demonstration of the three forms of wing chun kung fu and the practice of chi sao. Master chu, in this seminar talks about all three forms of the wing chun system, again he plays particular attention to siu nim tao and how it relates to the other two forms, chum kiu and bil jee. Wing chun kung fu martial arts home dvd course year 1. It dates back to the shaolin temple and the development of wing chun over two hundred years ago. Siu nim tau, chum kiu, bil jie, mook yan jong wooden dummy, lum dim bok quan long pole, and ba chun do short swords. All forms are followed with practical applications. Kicking west and then stepping west demonstrates advancing to the opponent to keep him in attack range. All the books and dvds that contain or focus on chum kiu, wing chuns second form, searching bridge.

This book also contains a detailed pictography of the siu lim tau, chum kiu and biu gee forms along with their applications for self defense. I find this book to contain the necessary details someone starting into chum kiu needs. Everything wing chun books, videos, dvds, wooden dummy. Chum kiu is a more dynamic and mobile form than siu lim tao as the importance of this form lies in yeu ma and biu ma.

The question is, what can you gain from learning chum kiu. Wing chun formschum kiu wikibooks, open books for an. The hands and arms are hereby referred to as bridges. Chum kiu in the wing chun syllabus wing chun lessons. I chose this video because the instructor does a good job of presenting the nature of rotational force in chum kiu. Chum kiu is the next form that you can learn in wing chun after mastering siu lim tao. Chum kiu is the intermediate set of wing tsun kung fu, which should.

The combat bridge part one is the third episode in the vtm wing chun series. Siu lim tau for the solo student closing the gap with chum kiu as the titles suggest the books were geared towards people who had nobody to train wing chun with, they say write about things you know, and as i trained wing chun in seclusion i wrote books about. Free wing chun tutorial learn wing chun sil lim tao at. Master wong chum kiu street fighting internet archive. This is the second book in my collection and is suitable for home study via my distance learning course or just simply to help you with your knowledge of wing chun, this book is the intermediate level of wing chun known as chum kiu or bridge seeking, you should read and absorb the first book for siu lim tau before attempting this as you will just create a whole bunch of mistakes in your wing chun. The path to wing chun book in this dvd samuel kwok covers wing chun fighting applications, chi sau and all 3. Ip ching seminar dvd siu lim tau and chum kiu by master ip ching and sifu sam hing fai chan in a rare trip to the united states. Buy wing chun closing the gap with chum kiu by beardsell, mark isbn. In his followup to the little idea, sifu alex dissects the chum kiu form in highdetail. A bridge is created when one of your arms makes contact with the arm of the opponent. In this dvd samuel kwok covers wing chun fighting applications, chi sau and all 3 hand forms.

You are going to search for the hands with the intention that you make contact with the hands and arms in order to createt a bridge. Wing chun kung fu greensborough martial arts forms. Chum kiu is taught body shifting, footwork, and of the two directional forces. When stepping with the body correctly coordinated, external resistance does not affect the movement of the wing chun exponent. The next step in wing chun after learning the siu lim tao is to learn chum kiu. While classical wing chun was designed to fight against other wing chun practitioners, modern day mixed martial arts has evolved to the point where traditional methods simply no longer work.

In sifu kwoks book, they had an interesting section on fan sao ch. Chum kiu, known as seeking the bridge form is wing chuns second or intermediate form, and is the natural progression from learning siu nim tao. Chum kiu is the intermediate set of wing tsun kungfu, which should normally be. Recommended reading and books to help your training in kung fu. Throughout the practice of chum kiu the practitioner must use both hands at once. Chum kiu consists of a variety of techniques and movements designed to destroy the opponents ability. You can click to expand the images and see the image titles and other tags they contain. Full color pictures of the three hand forms of wing chun siu lim tao, chum kiu, biu. It introduced me to the traditional version of wing chuns chum kiu which is a. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. After moving to the uk in 1972, he studied under lee sing. This volume is the second release of a fivepart series on wing chun. Performing yeu ma and biu ma correctly will give your attacks a blast of power.

As a result, the opponent will find it difficult to tackle these kind of moves because his centre of. Master ip ching walks the students through each form. The main point of chum kiu, and perhaps all of wing chun, is to place basic ideas about movement into your subconscious so they are available to you without you needing to think about what. The wing chun 2nd form, chum kiu can be learned from the traditional wing chun dvd. B advance double sticky hand, sticky leg, application, movement and advance technique continue with chi kung breathing and chi meditation, theory student can refer any books on yoga for meditation only, etc. Master ip ching explains the theories and principles of the first two hand forms of wing chun, siu lim tau and chum kiu. Real wing chun applications chum kiu part 4 youtube. Reviewed in the united states on december 27, 2016. Let arms relax so hands are together, palm up, near right hip. The author is wellknown for his detailed and easy to read books on chinese. This page lists all articles and images on the martial art wing chun kung fu that have the tag chum kiu. Third form in the wing chun martial arts greensborough system chum kiu. Instructions for performing the six wing chun forms.

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