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John fox s famous book detailing the lives, sufferings and triumphant deaths of the early christian and the protestant martyrs. Foxe s book of martyrs by john foxe introduction edited by william byron forbush this is a book that will never dieone of the great english classics. For almost all the events that happened previously to this one, took place that the lord might show us from above a martyrdom becoming the gospel. Foxs book of martyrs read online bible study tools. It includes a polemical account of the sufferings of protestants under the catholic church, with particular emphasis on england and scotland. The project gutenberg ebook of foxs book of martyrs, by john foxe this. The first persecution of the church took place in the year 67, under nero, the sixth emperor of rome. Whatever the reason for the delay, it is still the first recorded.

Martyrdom of polycarp is a manuscript written in the form of a letter that relates the religious. Polycarp resided in asia minor as bishop of smyrna and sent an epistle to the philippians c. The actes and monuments, popularly known as foxe s book of martyrs, is a work of protestant history and martyrology by protestant english historian john foxe, first published in 1563 by john day. Polycarp, the venerable bishop of smyrna, hearing that persons were seeking for him, escaped, but was discovered by a child. The book was highly influential in those countries and. Polycarp had been a christian since he was a child, but the romans didnt get around to killing him until he was in his eighties. Fox s book of martyrs chapter ii the ten primitive persecutions the first persecution, under nero, a. He was not merely an illustrious teacher, but also a preeminent martyr. Interesting as fiction, because it is written with both passion and tenderness, it tells the dramatic story of some of the most thrilling periods in christian history.

After feasting the guards who apprehended him, he desired an hour in prayer, which being allowed, he prayed with such fervency, that his guards repented that they had been instrumental in taking him. We have written unto you, brethren, of those men which have suffered martyrdom. This is the martyrdom of polycarp, the famous bishop of smyrna whose life. Polycarp, the venerable bishop of smyrna, hearing that persons were. The fourth persecution, under marcus aurelius antoninus, a.

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