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I have just purchased a heap of mince and i have some left over puffed pastry from yesterday still frozen two or. However, they are also perfect for holiday entertaining and i also make them for festive family gettogethers too. Roll the puff pastry out thinly and using a wavy cutter cut out 24 circles approx. A lot of people get frightened to cook it but the fact is, there isnt much faster food, that tastes delicious around. For me though, the perfect christmas treat is a warm mince pie, served with a. To make mince pies a few posts ago i gave the recipe for mrs beetons mincemeat, so i thought it only right to give a little instruction in making mince pies. Puff pastry is a classic staple that can serve as a base to many types of dishes. Grease 8 cups of a cake tin with a little butter, then flour a work surface to roll out the pastry to the thickness of just under a one pound coin. Buy waitrose christmas all butter mince pies online from waitrose today. Top 50 most delicious puff pastry recipes recipe top 50s book 79. As you may know by now, i am ever so slightly obsessed by festive food. Using a small cookie cutter, cut out as many shapes as possible. One bite of a homemade shortcrust pastry mince pie and youll never want to buy them again.

The best beef mince puff pastry recipes on yummly puff pastry sausage rolls, beef puff pastry, carrot meatloaf in puff pastry. Fill each pie with a couple of teaspoons of mincemeat. Place half the circles in the pie dishes so that the dough is just over the edge. Its time to share my mince pies with cream cheese pastry. Christmas started for me on the eve when the mince pies were made and a family meal in my house with daughter, son and daughterinlaw. The ultimate mince pie recipe from ballymaloes pastry pro. Puff pastry mince pies recipe all recipes australia nz. In the remaining puff pastry, cut the same number of small circle but bigger i use a 58mm diameter cutter. Andys mince pies use puff pastry to lighten up these simple. Chicken pot pies with puff pastry crusts, halloween. Fruity, boozy little mouthfuls, mince pies will doubtless make an. I decided to do a bit of reinventing on the classic mince pie, so in this recipe im using a.

I make my own rough puff pastry, but you could always buy puff pastry if youre short on timepatience. Preheat the oven to 190 c 375 f, gas mark 5 roll the sweet pastry into a sheet approximately 2 to 3 mm thick, place on a tray, and allow to rest in the fridge. Knead the pastry dough into a ball with your hands, then wrap in clingfilm and leave to chill in the fridge for at least 30 minutes. Find traditional recipes or try making them with an orange and cinnamon pastry, or a boozy mincemeat filling with a crumblestyle topping. Inspired by kates beef and veggie triangles some time ago, i have found a great way to use up left over meat and make it into a meal that the kids love in kates original recipe, you make up the beef filling to go into the puff pastry, i have just replaced that with the. We make these every year, usually on christmas eve. Use an 8cm cookie cutter to cut circles around each of the holes, peeling away the excess puff pastry. Carefully place the pastry lids over the top of each mince pie, pinching the two edges together with your fingers or a fork.

You can make one large pie for a meal or a picnic, or 24 small mince pie. Combine the flour, almond meal, sugar, butter and philly in a food processor and process just until the mixture forms a soft dough. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading pastry recipes. Homemade mince pies 4 different ways bake then eat. All butter puff pastry filled with rich, fruity mincemeat a lack of christmas looks, a lack of substantial filling but yet a surprisingly enjoyable taste from this all butter pie. The strange and twisted history of mince pies bbc future. Andy uses puff pastry to lighten up these superbly simple teatime. Filopuff pastry with a mincemeat filling is verging on an eccles cake. For this reason ive marked the pie down as zero for the crust. Creamy seafood in puff pastry recipe puff pastry recipes. Learn how to make mince pies with this recipe from jamie oliver.

Apple and cranberry puff pastry mince pies 45 minutes. Yes i know its boxing day and christmas is in its last stages but i hope youll forgive me only just getting to this post. I love puff pastry mince pies at christmas but i prefer to make my own using ready made pastry and jazzing up a jar of bought mincemeat with some chopped marzipan and a. The queens pastry chef reveals her mince pie recipe hello. Much like puff pastry mince pies you need to pre heat your oven to 190c 375f gas mark 5. Renowned pastry chef claire clark puts nine pies to the test in our annual survey. For the pastry 85g unsalted butter, room temperature 50g. Adam this pie is almost unrecognisable as a mince pie with very little filling for the amount of pastry.

Classic mince pies flaky pastry, mincemeat, sweet squash. The best mince puff pastry recipes on yummly puff pastry mince pies, chicken chorizo puff pastry rolls, easy mince puff pies. Perfect mince pies fruit recipes jamie oliver recipes. Roast chestnuts, sour fruits and sweet mincemeat are encased in puff pastry and baked in filo cups until golden and bubbling. Alternative mince pies makes 8 the recipe below will make more pear caramel than you need to fill the pies but i promise this isnt a bad thing.

Whatever you decide, theyre sure to go down a treat with family and friends. Now youve nailed the pastry, put it to good use with one of our. Bloomberg has been organizing blind tastings with leading. Lost in a storm of cranberries and pomegranate seeds, baking for everyone and anyone. Lobster pot pies with puff pastry crust supergolden bakes my most popular recipe for vietnamese beef stew cooked in a slow cooker and turned into pot pies. What inviting images of your little mince pies and what an inspiring recipe, i love little pastry, to cook and to eat. Pour it over vanilla ice cream or simply spoon it out the jar in sticky fingerfuls.

Lay the sheet onto the tin, pushing it into the holes. It really wouldnt be christmas without being offered a mince pie, would it. Onto this sheet, dollop 2 teaspoons mincemeat into 3 x 6 rows, evenly spaced apart. Leave to cool before releasing them from the muffin trays and dusting with a little more icing sugar. This is my nod to the more traditional variety, but i think these are just a bit more interesting than usual, as the addition of delicious, sweet. I have to tell you that it is really worth the trouble of making your own mincemeat and mince pies any bought ones are incomparable and always too sweet. Chicken pot pies with puff pastry crusts, chicken pot pie with rough puff pastry pt 1, chicken in puff.

The best minced meat puff pastry recipes on yummly keema patties puff pastry with minced meat filling, puff pastry sausage rolls, chicken puff pastry rolls. Once rested, cut tops and bottoms for your mince pies using fluted or plain cutters selecting sizes to fit your tin. Roll out the remaining pastry to cut out 12 pastry lids. To keep them childfriendly, i used eating apples and dried cranberries, orange zest and a little touch of vanilla extract.

Finish off your pies with a sprinkling of icing sugar and pile high on. Beat your egg and use as an egg wash around each mincemeattopped circle and place the larger circles on top, gently pressing over with your finger to seal the mincemeat. Readymade pastry and mincemeat means making these puff pastry mince pies is almost as simple as buying them but gains you more brownie points. Pies as a culinary art form are old inventions, although they havent always involved buttery, flaky pastry. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading puff pastry cookbook. Get one of our mince pies puff pastry recipe and prepare delicious and. May your christmas be the merriest you could ever imagine and wish, filled with joy, love, armony, peace, health and familiar warmth, the most blessed and precious gifts we have.

I love puff pastry mince pies at christmas but i prefer to make my own using ready made pastry and jazzing up a jar of bought mincemeat with some chopped. Lay the second sheet directly on top, encouraging the pastry to form a raviolishaped parcel. Download it once and read it on your kindle device, pc, phones or tablets. In previous years i have been known to stick my head into nigellas christmas book in november and not be seen again until january. As you will find in this recipe book, puff pastry can be used to create a puff pastry is the definition of elegant simplicity.

Fruit mince pies with philly pastry recipe myfoodbook. Fill each one with mincemeat and brush the edges of the pies with the egg white. Here is the other mince pie recipe that i promised to make on my last video. Rather than being a bit cynical about people trying to reinvent the wheel, i think of the 1. Theres nothing quite like homemade mince pies at christmas. The sweet and spicy fruit mix encased in crumbly pastry has been a. Bake this easy mince pie recipe using readymade puff pastry and a jar of mincemeat, perfect for festive gettogethers. Place half of the shapes on the lined baking trays, making sure there is plenty. Puff pastry and mincemeat treats recipe eat smarter usa. In a 1661 book about the interregnum, the author mentions the. Puff pastry and mince meat what can i make recipes.

Its day fifteen of the eats amazing advent calendar and todays recipe is for some classically festive mini mince pie puffs it wouldnt be christmas without a. Make a small slash with a knife in the centre of each pie. Nigel slaters perfect mince pie recipe food the guardian. These mini delights are prepared with old fashioned, homestyle puff pastry read more. Ernest adams ready rolled butter puff pastry is the only one made with 25% pure butter, water, milk and food acid the other ernest adam pastries have animals fats and oils and a very long list of other additives. Top 50 most delicious puff pastry recipes recipe top 50s book 79 kindle edition by hatfield, julie. Apple and cranberry puff pastry mince pies recipe all. A mince pie is the essence of christmas in a mouthful. Published december 12, 2014, updated october 28, 2019 19 comments. Look at this recipe mince pies from andy bates and other tasty dishes on food network. Method heat oven to 200c180c fangas 6 and lightly butter and flour a 12 hole fairy cake tin. The best minced beef and onion pie with puff pastry recipes on yummly easy steak pie, aussie meat pie, party pies aussie mini beef pies.

Roll out the pastry into a large rectangle and spread it with the meat mixture, leaving 2. Bake the mince pies for 1520 mins until golden brown. Brush the pastry edges with beaten egg white and roll up the pastry, pressing the edges lightly together. These puff pastry mince pie squares are great for making with the kids, in fact, the kids could probably make these themselves. Sweet short crust pastry filled with delightful mincemeat. Cut out rounds so they are just a little larger than your tin, because the pastry does shrink a little during baking. I wanted to make a quick filling for mince pies for small guests who dont like mincemeat.

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