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Our list includes signs 2002, the dark knight rises 2012. Examples of such sources include metacritic, roger eberts list of mosthated films, the golden turkey awards, leonard maltins movie guide, rotten tomatoes, the stinkers bad movie awards, the cult tv series mystery science theater 3000, and the golden. Yes, the movie made its audience go online for an answer to the ending. Great oscar winning films in this mix which had endings that made no sense.

Mark craig, admitted during a cast reunion interview with entertainment weekly in 2012 that a lot of the cast didnt care for the ending. Kicking up our list is the indiana jones film that went away from the spiritual and straight into the scifi. Some endings defy explanation, and love or hate this movie, though no one hates this movie. Its not necessarily that these movie endings are sad some films end on a happy note but still leave the viewer wanting. This twist didnt sit well, and today its still hailed as one of the worst movie endings of all time. Given our focus on movie endings, please note that spoilers will be included. Katherine heigl has easily become the most annoying actress alive, brashly showboating in one halfwitted movie after another for the past five years. There are movies there that, although lousy, are by no means the worst of what cinema has to offer. When discussing bad endings, it wont take long for m. From titanic to lord of the rings to star wars, there are plenty of movie endings that have left fans feeling outraged. The most mismarketed movie of the year is actually a reflective examination of mortality and it ends on a note thats simultaneously ambiguous and fiercely lifeaffirming. Read on, and discover the 15 worst movie twists weve ever seen. If that all wasnt enough, the movie put a nail in the coffin of this idiotic series with one of the dumbest twist endings in cinematic history.

But when a twist ending is done badly, it does nothing but ruin the movie and becomes iconic for all the wrong reasons. The paperboy is an atrocious movie in part because 24yearold zac efron is too old to play a virgin teen. Spoilers ahead refine see titles to watch instantly, titles you havent rated, etc. The worst twist endings in movie history screencrush.

With hbos game of thrones being the most recent show to deliver a controversial coda, nows a good time to look at some of the worst tv series finales of all time. I loved that movie when i caught it on hbo about 6 or 7 months ago. Worst movie endings of all time top ten list thetoptens. The top 20 worst movie endings by finalfantasyxcjo created 04 jun 2012 updated 27 dec 20 public the top 20 movie endings which were just bad.

The film features one of the worst uses of open endings as we see mark wahlberg. What are the greatest and worst movie endings of all time. Are you sure you want to delete your score and checked items on this list. No matter what one thinks of the movie as a whole, it is visually dazzling beginning to end. The final cut is the latest version from ridley scott possibly the best one. Having no butter on your popcorn or having to watch a cool movie that has a total crud cake ending. A terrible ending is probably one of the worst sins a movie can commit, and thats saying. Although the stunning ending of the sixth sense cemented his name and unbreakable proved a twist was going to be something of a trademark, it wasnt long before some flaws started to show. It popularized the opening and closing score of the movie. Lyle april 29th 2015 entertainment what is more unsatisfying. We love a good possession movie, but 2012s the devil inside took an abrupt turn for the lazy at the. The most shocking movie endings by phil archbold jan.

Movies are supposed to be fun, an escape, pure entertainment with no work needed from the audience. The 1968 version of planet of the apes starring charlton heston has one of the best movie endings of all time. Sometimes the theatrical efforts succeed, like sinister. An alien race known as the formics have attacked earth and killed millions of people. But efron is even less convincing as a marine just back from three tours of iraq in this sappy, softinthehead nicholas sparks romance, a nonstory that shies away from any potential excitement. The following list of the worst twist endings in movie history contains spoilers. The 10 worst movie endings of the decade screenrant. At the end of the movie, wahlbergs character, trying to fix the fact that apes rule earth, flies through an electromagnetic storm in the hopes that hell travel back in. Im going to stick primarily with main stream and higher profile films, rather than include so many overall t.

The vow this movie, disliked by many, has a good chance of not making my top ten worst list, but for only one reason. This past weekend, the devil inside set a new boxoffice record for a movie opening during the first weekend of january. Its like it just cut off the end with about 30 minutes left of the movie. What are some of the most disappointing endings in movie. The 10 worst movie twist endings of all time taste of. Ian and anthony are looking at a dead body of a woman and ian tells anthony, sorry that someone strangled your mom. Yet ask anyone about the movie today, and their remarks are likely to center on the ending even more so than mark wahlbergs bland lead performance, or model. From gone with the wind to the shawshank redemption and chinatown, here are 30 of the best movie endings of all time, ranked spoilers galore, obviously. The devil inside 2012 a url is not an ending was the main complaint with how this film draws to a close, and we are inclined to agree. Five great films with terrible endings film the guardian. None of his films are more divisive than signs, following a small family in rural pennsylvania as they suspect and. It can be roughly translated as god made it happen, with no further explanation, and, depending on usage. While we can stomach a lot, this film nuked the fridge bigtime when the crystal skull awakened a generic alien who proceeded to melt cate blanchetts.

Its so soon after christmas, and we should be thinking about warm, wholesome things, but there is still some housekeeping left to do, worst movies of the. We love a good possession movie, but 2012s the devil inside took an abrupt turn for the lazy at the end. Its horribly sad, yes, but very wellwritten and moving. If you somehow dont know what were talking about, read onbecause weve compiled the ultimate movie. I would watch a bluray rerelease of this classic stinker. Even great works of literature have stumbled at the finish line. The previously dead female turns around and is revealed to be a man wearing womens clothes. The films listed below have been cited by a variety of notable critics in varying media sources as being among the worst films ever made. For those of you who dont know, deus ex machine is, to quote wikipedia, a plot device whereby a seemingly unsolvable problem is suddenly and abruptly solved with the contrived and unexpected intervention of some new event, character, ability, or object. No film noire voice, no happy ending, and new matte paintings the bird shot in the end has a nice mattepainting for example directors cut was a version made some time ago for the dvd release i believe, made without the supervision of scott. These films from the past decade featured some of the worst endings. Since all of the entries are about movie endings, dont read on if you dont want to be spoiled. Most of remember me was bad, but the ending was truly awful.

Top ten worst horror movie endings tis the season to get scary and be scared, especially in the movie theater. It was like they couldnt figure out if they should go film noire with it or cop out and give a happy ending, so they went ahead and did both and fucked it all up. Page 3 page 1 page 2 page 3 page 4 page 5 saw 3 2006. From psycho to the shining to the sixth sense, these are the movies with the most disturbing endings. Interesting how most of these have upsetting endings. Taking the top spot is this found footage horror flick centered on demonic possession. We here at complex pop culture truly believe that movies can be enjoyed on a spectrumfrom. The devil inside was one of the most anticipated horror movies of 2012. After a director and the actors tell a story that the audience can get invested in, it. Superheroes and sequels had a major and ongoing presence on the big screen in 2012. A movie can be great for two hours, but if that final act doesnt work, it can sink the entire movie. This was in fact the worst movie i had ever seen until birdemic. The 2001 version starring mark wahlberg has one of the worst. Indiana jones and the kingdom of the crystal skull.

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