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Paratherm ht hydrogenated terphenyl heat transfer fluid. The heat transfer medium can be used up to a maximum bulk. View detailed import data, price, monthly trends, major importing countries, major ports of marlotherm. Marlotherm sh circuits are advantageou sly operated using an inert gas back pressure of less than 100 mbar at the expansion. The main engine oil cooler and central freshwater cooler simply have to work. Due to its favourable viscosity behaviour, marlotherm lh is an ideal heattransfer. Installation and operating instructions manual, installation instructions manual. Product information marlotherm lh heat transfer fluid. The boiling range of the product at atmospheric pressure is above the use limit. Miller realized that moving water at high velocity through lowmass heat exchangers such as finned copper tubing could heat water up to nine. At operating temperatures above the boiling point of marlotherm lh, it is necessary to first check whether the heattransfer plant is approved for operation at the higher pressure. Marlotherm lh benzyltoluene heat transfer fluid htfs plastics.

When conditions are tough, crew and equipment are really put to the test. Current inrush current weight dimensions connection mounting temperature setting 230250wlal0 230v 5060hz 250w 1,09a 1,09a 1600g 245x80x80,50mm cable 0,50m snap users manual registered company winona, minnesota usa series f4p 96mm x 96mm process controller 14 din with guided setup and programming. Marlotherm lh is best suited for temperature control of vessels, reactors, and processing machines. Marlotherm lh page 3 of 6 material safety data sheet 110607 rev. This is to ensure a good bonding to the surface applying mapetherm ar1 on the back of the panel with a notched trowel technical data typical values conformity with. Temperaturetime profile, consisting of a sequence of isothermheating segments. This document contains important information and must be read in its entirety. Hydrogenation of the liquid organic hydrogen carrier. Ingestion of large quantities may lead to discomfort, nausea, and vomiting. Laars heating systems in 1948, engineer avy miller formed laars engineering as a company dedicated to the concept of heating water quickly by passing water through finned copper tube heat exchangers. In case of eye contact immediately flush eyes with plenty of water. When handling marlotherm lh and when filling and operating a heattransfersystem with marlotherm lh, care must be taken that the heattransfer medium cannot enter the soil or sewer system. We have 2 spartherm varia bfdh manuals available for free pdf download.

Mapether ar1 m installing the insulating panels applying pressure on the panels once they have been installed. Composition of the mbt mixtures used in the hydrogenation experiments e1e3 the mixture for experiment e1 was not subjected to distillation, but has the original composition of the mixture provided by the manufacturer. Marlotherm sh heat transfer fluid typical properties appearance clear liquid. Marlotherm sh temperature density volume expansionvolume expansion c f kgm3 lbft3 103k 103r % 0 32 1057 66. Setting the state member of this variable will put the boiler in heating mode. Marlotherm is a registered trademark of, eastman chemical htf gmbh. If necessary, used marlotherm lh can be recycled or used for energy recovery observing local regulations. Marlotherm sh is a highperformance synthetic, organic heattransfer medium for use in the liquid phase in closed, forced circulation heattransfer systems. Sasol germany, gmbh paulbaumann strasse 1 d45765 marl germany distributor. Learn more this website requires certain cookies to work and uses other cookies to help you have the best experience. View online or download spartherm passo xs installation and operating manual, installation and operating instructions manual. Mechanical measurements 6th edition august 7, 2006.

Marlotherm lh heat transfer fluid is a highperformance synthetic organic heat transfer medium for. Marlotherm lh in the liquid phase is preferably used in unpressurized systems at working temperatures from 0 to 280c. Marlotherm sh is a highperformance synthetic, organic heattransfer medium for use in the liquid phase in closed, forced circulation heattransfer systems and can be used over the whole working range without being kept under pressure. Lienhard v, august 7, 2006, prentice hall edition, in english. Plate heat exchangers for marine applications there are times when the reliability of your equipment is crucial.

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